About Us

The Wanlie License crew, in short, is a push and pull between “making sure all surfaces are 100% parallel to one another” and “breaking every single pattern to find peace in chaos”. Wanlie License is our ongoing daily ritual of inputting stimulus, emotion, and memory while outputting wearable art for the world.

Yingqi ‘Puffy’ Zhao, Wanlie License’s designer, is a contemporary jeweler and co-founder of the Wanlie Project artist platform. Following the completion of her MFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry Design from Indiana University Bloomington, Zhao shaped her creative experiments into Wanlie License. In Chinese, Wanlie represents two definitions, the quality of being playful, and throwing-chestnut-towards-the-sky goose. Wanlie License sprouted in 2020 to create playful sculptural objects on the body. Nurtured by prototyping and tuning, Wanlie License debuted with an adventurous mindset in 2022. Wanlie License explores the inspiring odds and ends, the balance of hard surface and soft line, and the dynamic between the wearer and the object.


translucent green, metallic gray, iridescent sheen;

caged gem, wire & solid, portal of parallel dimension;

today’s fiction, tomorrow’s anthropology, experiment log;

50% wakefulness, one cup of sleep talk, routine brain walk.